Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frosted Glass

I am doing this project now in July because I have a bunch of these hurricanes left and the itch for snowflakes and winter hit me. I am setting it to post later in October or November though because I know I will be busy then and not have a lot of time to create. So here is a frosted glass hurricane that I made.
Frosted Glass spray paint
snowflakes cut from Art philosophy cut on vinyl 2.5"
You cut the snowflakes out and create your pattern around the hurricane. The you spray the glass with frosted glass. Let it dry for a bit and then peel off the snowflakes. It is very simple to do and the results are stunning. The picture does not do it justice. So there you have it, my project in July!


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  2. Wow, it turns out to be an elegant Frosted Glass wherein its frosted looks covered with frost or humid.