Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Distress Ink Handles...DIY

If you follow me on instagram, (scrappinsweetiesescape), you know that I just splurged big time on Distress Oxides. I knew I would need the foam blending pads for them so I ordered them off of Amazon. I was REALLY excited when the inks and pads both arrived, but quickly became frustrated with having to change the pads from the blending tool with every other color, I currently have 2 mini blending tools. This sent me in the hunt for a way to make my own, there had to be a way! I searched Pinterest, YouTube, Google, ect and still wasn't fully happy with what I was finding. I decided that while in town I was going to hit the lumber store. I had an idea of what I wanted. Sure enough, they had what I was looking for in the right size, not a big deal to some of you but let me tell you, living in western KS it is almost a miracle when you can find everything you need locally!! I found some knobs and industrial strength Velcro at Wal-Mart. Supplies in hand, I was ready to rock and roll. This is what I had to get started, the major tip here is you want INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH velcro.

The rod is a 1.25"x36" stick. The actual handle made by Ranger measures 3/4" thick but I did some thinking and wanted mine to be a little thicker so that I could just hold on to that itself and not use the knobs. When I use the original tool, I find myself holding onto the bottom part and not the handle part so why add it? So I measured my rod and used a pencil to mark 1" increments along it. I don't have fancy tools, so I just used my jig saw to cut it apart into 1" chunks (ok, not perfect 1" chunks but I tried). This cute little thing had to help me too, of course!

After I cut all the chunks I used my hand sander, may actually be called a palm sander? Anyway, a little electric sander that did the job perfectly! I sanded them down even and then I still wasn't happy with the edges so I rounded them the best I could. 

Next I had to decide if I wanted them the original color or stained. I opted for stained. So yep, I applied some stain to them and let them dry. I am happy that I decided to because they are so pretty now :) It is in this next step that I truly decided that I didn't want to add the knobs to the top. I was thinking they would look pretty, but then it hit me that I could use my new label maker and put labels on top with each color name!! GENIUS, well ok, not so much but hey it was a light bulb moment for me. 

Then I brought my gems inside and cut the velcro into 1.25" circles. The adhesive on these is very thick and strong so I had to use scissors to cut each one individually. Then I added them to the bottom of my chunks, ran labels and applied them, and finally attached the foam to the bottom for a test run and the results are beautiful!! I have to be honest, at first I was thinking this was a cheap fix, and it is, but in the end I am LOVING my chunks even better than the real thing. Yes, I'm serious! For me, these are perfect for my hands. I am so very glad I did this even if it was just to save money, in the end I found something I love more than the original.

So, how much did I save? Here's the run down:

Velcro- $2.97 each and I used 4 for a total of $11.88
Wood Rod- $6.00 even with tax.

So the total for those 2 items comes to $17.88/36= $0.50 each  I didn't count the stain and labels because I already had them.

Compare that to $6.99 (I realize that includes 4 foam pads but they are pretty cheap) for 2 tools that makes them around $3.25 each. So my savings.....$2.75 EACH, yes EACH!! A full total savings for 36 blending tools comes to $99.00  Now that is some serious cash that I can use for other supplies, or as my husband pointed out, to pay for the Distress Oxides I splurged on.....

The best part is yes, the money saved but honestly how much I love these compared to the real blending tools. I hope this will help someone else. Happy crafting!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Planner Cover

I joined the ranks of a MAMBI Happy Planner this summer. With 3 kids, very different ages and 3 different school, 4 if you add in mine, I knew I needed to be very planned and have my ducks in a row for this school year. I bought the Classic because it seemed to be just the right size for all my needs, although maybe a bit on the big side. I am loving it but the cover was getting a bit worn in my purse. I came across this youtube video for a fabric cover and I got to thinking, that might just be what I need. Sooo, today on Eclipse day, I made it. I picked my material yesterday and planned to do this sometime next week but the time just seemed right so to work I went. I am really happy with the results and just want to add some heat vinyl to the front but waiting for the perfect image or saying. Here's a peek :)

I love all the pockets I added! The cover just needs jazzed up on the outside...LOL Happy Monday and Eclipse day everyone!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foiling with a Laser printer

Hi, today I'm sharing a fun and very easy technique that produces a WOW factor to any project. When I first got my laser printer I got it for digital stamps. The ink does not smear with any coloring medium and that was the issue I was having. Ink smearing... Then, I got to researching and found out there is so much more that you can do with a laser printer. One thing is foiling using a laminator. The results are stunning and it is sooo easy. You simply print whatever you want to foil and then put the foil on it and run it through a laminator.

I used the Cool Treats digital stamp set for this card and deco gold foil. This is also the very first image I colored with my new Zig markers! I made my background in photoshop bc that is what I have but you can use any image program, even word! I then printed it out and laid the foil over it. I put it all in a parchment paper sleeve I made from just regular parchment paper from the kitchen. I put mine through my laminator twice. You need to make sure it is very hot!! Then you pull the foil off and you are left with a very shiny and fun project!!

If you don't own a laser printer, there are plenty of place that offer laser printing. Try your local library, office supply store, or even school resource centers are an option in some places!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Monkey in Space

Good Monday morning to everyone. Today I am sharing a fun shaker card using the newly released Space Cadet digital stamp set from Craftin Desert Divas. This is for the mood board challenge. Remember if you are playing along with us please use #CDDmonthly so we can see your projects! I just can't get enough of this spacey set and especially the monkeys in it. I used my prismacolored pencils this time and added glossy accents to the helmet. I created the shaker using the inside scalloped circle  die cut (cut 5 times then stacked together). I sprinkled some Twinkle sequins for the shaker element. I created the background with distress oxide inks. Thanks for looking and please leave some comments :) Everyone enjoys love!

Supplies used:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's HERE!!! Box Card video with tips and tricks!

Hello everyone! I am posting my first ever public video with tips and tricks using the new Box Card Die cut from Craftin Desert Divas. It went into the shop yesterday! This die is amazing and has sooo many possibilities. Here is a link to the video. PLEASE be kind.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Planning for a new adventure!

Hi everyone, today is my final peek with the Space Cadet digital stamp set coming TODAY at 12pm. EST. at Craftin Desert Divas!! This set is packed full of fun images to take your projects into outer space. I am featuring it in my planner during the week of new territory for us. The week that Gabe will be a sophmore, Cassandra will be moving to Colby, and Makayla's world will be completely rocked. I also use The Basic planner bundle to track my hydration and other things. That set is great for all your basic planner needs. I love that these pages are thick enough to support the new Distress Oxide inks without bleeding through!


Monday, August 7, 2017

Hello August!

I don't know about you, but the summer has flown by for me and with the beginning of a new month comes the new release at Craftin Desert Divas.  This month the digital team has the Box Card die and stamp set called Space Cadet. That set is just too cute!! I am going to show a quick view of all 3 box cards I have made and then will come back and give details on each one of them and maybe a video to show how I created them!!! I have some tips and tricks on how to make a box card EASILY that I want to share with all of you. So for now, here's a peek at what is to come :) Have a great Monday everyone :)

I had so much fun creating these and I can't wait to share the directions with you. You will be amazed at how easy it is and anyone can do it :) 

It is NOT too late to join us for the release event and if we hit 250 going to it there will be a new free digital stamp! Please join us at Facebook Release Party

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wedding Tile

Hi everyone, we had the pleasure of attending a wedding over the weekend. I couldn't decide on a gift do I made this cross tile with their name on it. These are my go to gift when I can't come up with something else. People seem to love them!