Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Favorite Season

Fall is my favorite season even though it is a reflecting season for me. There are so many life things that have happened in the Fall that sometimes I wonder how it can still be my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the changing colors, the sunlight is different, and the yummy sweet smells of Halloween candy. Oh you can't forget the smores and camp fires to go along with it! I love wearing big snuggly clothes and cuddling up with my hubby and kiddos while enjoying the crisp evening air. Now I could go on to say that I love the football season as well, but that would be stretching it waaaaayyy to much because deep down I am NOT a football fan. I support my "big" (not allowed to call him little anymore since his little sister is on the way) when he is playing though. I do love the Cross Country season though and enjoy watching my daughter run very much. Those are my thoughts on my favorite season, please share with me what your favorite season is.

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Cards

I have been busy making cards for a custom order as well as for myself. I used several CTMH stamps for these although the paper is not CTMH. I wanted to show you how you can use CTMH stamps no matter what paper or medium you are using. I had a lot of fun and it felt great to finally craft a little bit.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

National Scrapbooking Month!

Check out the Exclusive Stamp Set set available only during September. It is very very cute!

Stamp Cleaner

First I want to post a disclaimer: This is NOT my own recipe. I did not come up with this on my own, but it was passed to me by another scrapping friend so I am passing it along after trying it for myself and loving the results!

We all know that stamp cleaner can be expensive. There are alternatives, which I have tried, including a wet warm washcloth, baby wipes, and other items. These work well most of the time but I had an issue with pigment inks and the White Daisy ink and getting them to come off using the alternative cleaning methods, so I tried this after I ran out of CTMH stamp cleaner. I had excellent results and at a fraction of the price which means it allows more money for more stamps and paper!!! A win win for me. So I wanted to share the recipe with you so you can start saving some money and having great results too :)

Home made Stamp Cleaner:
1 cup Distilled Water
1 tsp. Baby Shampoo (I used dollar general no tears baby shampoo for even more savings)
2 TBSP Glycerin (this was the most expensive thing but will last for a LONG time. I got mine at the pharmacy and was $9.00 for a 6oz. bottle).

Mix all together and put into a small spray bottle of your choice and you are ready to clean. I spritz the stamps and then use the CTMH cleaner to scrub them off with. I hope you enjoy saving money and the results as much as I have!