Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yep, I am starting some Christmas projects already. I have 2 craft fairs that I am planning on doing so I need to start on things now. These are the first cards I am making. This set takes a lot of work so they will be a little more expensive. They are very stunning if you ask me, and to be able to tell you really need to see them in person. The cardstock is shimmery. These will come in a set of a dozen and will be in several colors. If you want a specific color contact me to see if I have it.

As you can tell when you open it, if you set it at an angle you can see the whole scene which is how the card is made to show off. They are 4x6 when folded together for mailing. So for now, this is the start of many Christmas projects to come. If you would like to order just leave me a comment. Have a great day!