Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Planner Cover

I joined the ranks of a MAMBI Happy Planner this summer. With 3 kids, very different ages and 3 different school, 4 if you add in mine, I knew I needed to be very planned and have my ducks in a row for this school year. I bought the Classic because it seemed to be just the right size for all my needs, although maybe a bit on the big side. I am loving it but the cover was getting a bit worn in my purse. I came across this youtube video for a fabric cover and I got to thinking, that might just be what I need. Sooo, today on Eclipse day, I made it. I picked my material yesterday and planned to do this sometime next week but the time just seemed right so to work I went. I am really happy with the results and just want to add some heat vinyl to the front but waiting for the perfect image or saying. Here's a peek :)

I love all the pockets I added! The cover just needs jazzed up on the outside...LOL Happy Monday and Eclipse day everyone!

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