Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Foiling with a Laser printer

Hi, today I'm sharing a fun and very easy technique that produces a WOW factor to any project. When I first got my laser printer I got it for digital stamps. The ink does not smear with any coloring medium and that was the issue I was having. Ink smearing... Then, I got to researching and found out there is so much more that you can do with a laser printer. One thing is foiling using a laminator. The results are stunning and it is sooo easy. You simply print whatever you want to foil and then put the foil on it and run it through a laminator.

I used the Cool Treats digital stamp set for this card and deco gold foil. This is also the very first image I colored with my new Zig markers! I made my background in photoshop bc that is what I have but you can use any image program, even word! I then printed it out and laid the foil over it. I put it all in a parchment paper sleeve I made from just regular parchment paper from the kitchen. I put mine through my laminator twice. You need to make sure it is very hot!! Then you pull the foil off and you are left with a very shiny and fun project!!

If you don't own a laser printer, there are plenty of place that offer laser printing. Try your local library, office supply store, or even school resource centers are an option in some places!


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