Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Buttons, Buttons, Who's got the buttons??

Today I found myself in need of some buttons. Well, my scrapping/hobby budget is non-existant right now so I had to be creative. I remembered I had some stamps so I got them out but they were a bit big for what I wanted. I went ahead and decided to play so I got out my Artiste cartridge and a cereal box. I cut the box down and put it on my mat, yes a CEREAL box.
I looked at the stamps for the size I needed and selected the shape and size that coordinated. The box worked wonderfully, as you can see.
Next I decided that I had to prime them so I found a recipe I used a long time ago that uses baby cornstarch powder, glue, white paint, and water. It worked great!
While they dried, I gathered different inks, sponges, versamark ink, and clear embossing powder.
I went to work playing and figuring out what I liked, didn't like, stamps and ect. Here is how they all came out. I am in love. They are too big for my first idea but I had a lot of fun playing and will use them somewhere. I am now working on some smaller ones for my original idea. See, using just things I had here at home, I solved my problem and didn't spend a dime!!!