Monday, July 10, 2017

A change of pace

Today I was feeling a little less than inspired with paper so I switched gears. I have been doing some cleaning and have had the itch to dive into some summer projects for the house, just in time for the 105-110 degree weather...LOL That's how I roll normally.
    While cleaning this weekend I came across my bag full of dollar store wreaths, foam, and some leftover ivy. I had plans last summer to make a wreath and never did. Today within an hour, I had this whipped up and hanging. Why did it take me soooo long to get this done???? Am I the only one else like that???
I started with a grapevine wreath from from the Dollar Tree. I had 2 sections of Dollar Tree ivy in the same bag, so I hot glued the end on and started wrapping. Yep, it was THAT easy...LOL

I then found some leftover burlap ribbon from graduation. I used that to make a bow to add to the wreath. I love using things I already have!! 

I added the bow to the wreath with floral wire. 

Finally, I added some burlap ribbon to it to hang it on the door with. I am really happy with my $4.00 wreath! Not too shabby for just using things laying around collecting dust. Not really sure what I was afraid of and why it took so long to do, but it's done now!!!