Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update on stamps and goodies for sale!

After working and doing some research, I can't figure out how to easily set this up due to the quantity issue I have ran into. In order to make this simple and fair the only solution that I am able to come up with is the first person to post that they want the stamp and sends me paypal for it will be the one who gets the item. Most of the items I only have ONE of and if there is 2 of something I will specify that and the first 2 to post and "call" it and pays me will get it. I hope this does not cause drama or hurt feelings. I want this to be fair and simple for all of us. If you need to have your goodies mailed to you please add $5.60 to your order (PLEASE put your address in the notes section on paypal) and it will be mailed out in a Priority Flat Rate envelope or box. This is a great deal if you buy a lot because you will only be charged $5.60 for shipping once. So with all that being said, here's to a great and fun sale!!!!