Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Step by Step Glitter Ornaments

Hi everyone, as promised here are the step by step directions on how to make your own glitter ornaments.
You will need the following:
*Minwax Polycrylic Wax (I found mine at walmart $8-$9
* Extra Fine Glitter (now I did not take a picture of mine because I used chunky and I am not as happy with the results as I was with my Grinch ones which did use Extra Fine) You can also find this at Walmart.
*Clear Glass Ornaments (some people have had luck with plastic but I am not one of them)
*small paper cups (again I used what I had on hand but will tell you the paper cups would be nice)

Now you will get all your supplies out and together. Take the top off the bulbs carefully! Pour some of the wax into a cup and then pour a generous amount into the bulb. I rolled mine around in circles to make sure that it was all coated, then I placed it upside down to let it drain and dry for 15 minutes. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP! If you do not let it dry your glitter will flake off.
While it is draining add some glitter to another cup. Once it is dry/drained pour a generous amount of glitter into the bulb. I used a napkin to cover the end and shook it around making sure that all of the inside bulb was covered in glitter. Empty the extra back into the cup.

I let mine set for a while to make sure the glitter set up. Then I put the top on. You can leave them this way or decorate them using vinyl. I am lucky enough to have a Cricut Explore so I decorated mine using images from the Close To My Heart Artfully Sent Cartridge. It did not come out like I had imagined in my head but I am still happy with it.
And here is an image of my Grinch ones that used Extra Fine glitter, which again, I highly recommend.  You can add ribbon to the top and they are perfect for a very special gift!
There you have it! Now go and create your own and please be sure to share a picture of yours on my facebook page Scrappinsweetie's Escape.


  1. How does the glitter stick if you let the Minwax dry?

    1. With the wax, we're looking for the coating on the inside to be sticky but won't run down the bulb, so not dry all the way, just enough to grab that glitter. :)

  2. Hi I had a question pertaining to the plastic ones. What did you mean about not having luck with them. I just did a batch with plastic and I let them sit for 2 days. When I touched the inside gently to ensure they were dry the glitter started to move with my finger if that makes sense. That was the situation for all 27 I did. I have been watching videos and reading tutorials to see if I did something wrong but I followed the same steps. I’m wondering if I’m also one who is having no luck with plastic and should just try glass.

  3. I use the plastic ones and use polyurethane which I’m guessing is the same As the minwax? I pour enough to cover the full bulb and then drain it over a cup for 3 minutes or So, pour in the glitter and once it’s all covered I let it sit back on a cup to pour out any extra glitter out and leave it open until the next day. I find that the polyurethane dries fast and I can close the ornament wishing 20 mins if I’d like. Ig @madewithrome